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RR – Highland Park

“Dr. Rappaport is phenomenal!!! We have been with her since my oldest was a baby (now almost 6). There is nobody I would feel more confident in. She is warm, easy going, sweet, and doesn’t make you feel like a neurotic mom. She takes her time, follows her instincts and listens to you. My kids all adore her and she has taken the time to follow up after each call, text, or visit. There is never a wait and I never feel inconvenienced for calling her – she will personally talk you through anything! Her nurse Beth is also warm and clearly loves what she’s doing. I was unsure about a personal practice at first, but now I can say it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!!”


JG – Winnetka

“Dr. Rappaport is the absolute best! She genuinely loves what she does and you can see that. Plus it’s so wonderful to be able to get in quickly when needed, text/call and get a response ASAP, and have no rushed appointments. Dr. Rappaport really goes above and beyond for her patients – my 18 month old was sick last week and she came into the office to see him at nearly 7pm. Then my 6 week old daughter was sick just a few days ago and she was nice enough to come in on a Saturday to see her! Nobody compares to Dr. Rappaport.”


CRC – Vernon Hills

“Dr. Rappaport has given my baby and me not only outstanding medical attention, but also so much kindness, care and support that it is actually a pleasure going to her office.  This is my first baby and I’m in a different country from mine and she has always been understanding and reassuring.  Being a physician myself, I love her common sense and her clinical thinking.  On top of that, her new practice takes out all the stress of going to the doctor!  No waiting time, no rush, personalized attention.  Couldn’t ask for more.”


AS – Glenview

“Jessica Rappaport is the best and having access to her when we really need it has been a godsend. We adore her and it’s so clear that she adores kids! We feel so lucky to have her.”


CT – Bannockburn

“Quick shout out to our amazing pediatrician Dr. Jessica Rappaport, she has now seen our 9 month old twice in the last 12 hours, including at 8:30pm last night!  We seriously couldn’t be happier with her high level of care for our kids and obviously very thankful for the missed trip to ER!  Couldn’t recommend her concierge service more.”


VL – Highland Park

“A big thank you to Jessica Rappaport! Thanks to her amazing care and dedication Ryder is out and about on this beautiful day! Last week she saved us a trip to the ER when he was having some breathing troubles. She opened her office, Rappaport Pediatrics, on a Sunday night to give him the breathing treatments he so needed. She patiently helped a scared little boy and an exhausted mommy! Her follow up visits and check-in’s the rest of the week kept him on the road to recovery. So grateful!”