Rappaport Pediatrics offers concierge medicine based on a membership model, with families paying an annual membership fee to join our practice.  Most importantly, we limit the number of families we see to ensure that we can provide each of you with unlimited access to Dr. Rappaport, exceptional medical care, and a superior level of service.  We truly get to know each of our patients, and are able to offer personalized care along with extensive support and guidance to our families.

Concierge medicine is a model of health care where physicians treat a much smaller number of patients and are able to provide a more personalized experience and tailored level of care than in a typical physician’s office.  Patients pay a membership fee to join the practice.  Concierge medicine was developed in response to increasing pressure on physicians to grow revenue by seeing more patients in less time, resulting in rushed appointments, nurse gatekeepers, longer wait times, and a less satisfying patient-physician relationship.

At Rappaport Pediatrics, the concierge model allows us to provide patients and families with a far more pleasant office experience.  With a smaller practice size, we can spend more time with you and your child and delve into issues that may not be addressed in the hurried environment of a traditional pediatric practice.  Phone calls are answered personally (no phone trees!) and you can easily get an appointment whenever you need it. In our practice you won’t sit in a crowded waiting room or have to anxiously wait for a call back from the doctor.  The tailored level of care and patient experience is significantly different – which can be seen through the glowing reviews we receive from grateful families.

There is an annual fee per child, and families with multiple children receive a discount for each additional child. Membership fees can be paid annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, and markedly reduced office fees are accepted for sick and well-child visits. There is a vaccine surcharge (at cost) for children aged 0-18 months. For more information on our fee structure, please contact us at 224-255-6001.

Vaccines are administered based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, and a surcharge is assessed for children 0-18 months old to cover the full complement of vaccines during that time. We pass our physician cost savings for vaccines directly to you, without mark ups commonly found in typical pediatric offices. With rare exceptions, there is no additional charge for child’s vaccines after the age of 18 months—it is included in your membership.

This fee covers unlimited access to Dr. Rappaport, one annual well child exam, a variety of in-office tests and screenings, vaccines for children over the age of 18months, and the extensive BENEFITS listed below.  We limit the size of our practice to ensure that we have plenty of time to invest in your child’s care.

We are an out-of-network provider, which means we do not accept payments from insurance companies.  We will submit insurance claims on your behalf electronically for office visits, vaccines and in-office testing, and any reimbursement from your insurer will be sent directly to you.  You can also often use your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) toward health expenses. For details, please ask your insurance provider about your specific out-of-network benefits.

Yes, you will still need health insurance to cover additional services your child might need, including emergency care, surgery, and medications. Out of office lab work, x-rays, or tests will be billed directly to your insurance company, just as in a typical pediatric practice.

At Rappaport Pediatrics we understand that there is nothing more important than your child. We know that you spend endless time and energy seeking out the best opportunities and resources for your children. By joining Rappaport Pediatrics, you are choosing to make an investment in your family at a monthly fee less than a gym membership, an evening out to dinner, or routine housekeeping. We believe that having a pediatrician who truly knows and cares about you and your family, and whom you can contact any time for health care, support, and parental advice is well worth the investment.

Yes! Many grandparents or family friends happily pay the membership fee for our patients. What a great way to show their love by investing in your child’s health and your peace of mind!

Rappaport Pediatrics Benefits:

Outstanding pediatric medical care

  • Continuity of care – you always see Dr. Rappaport
  • Emphasis on preventative care & wellness
  • Hospital visits on the North Shore
  • Coordination with carefully chosen specialists as needed
  • Advocating on your behalf if your child is hospitalized, including daily visits at Evanston or Highland Park Hospital

butterflyEnjoyable office visits

  • Extended, relaxed appointments
  • Same day appointments
  • Little to no waiting time
  • After hours appointments

Unprecedented Communication

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Rappaport via personal cell phone, texting, and email
  • Calls are answered personally – no answering service
  • Phone and ‘virtual’ advice available via facetime or video chat with Dr. Rappaport

That Extra Touch

  • Compassionate, non-judgmental, emotional support for you and your child
  • Multiple clean play areas for your children to hang out in before, during, or after their appointment
  • House calls based on Dr. Rappaport’s availability (for an additional fee)
  • Help to or from your car, if desired
  • A private room for feeding your baby
  • Snacks and drinks for our patients and families